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Guess who's back!

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Been a while, ha? Been laughing on a moderator in another forum for not showing up in ages, and than I figured - DAMN! So I came back here. Beside - I just LOVE comebacks...


So, fill me in - any new faces? did I miss something? another lame tribute song? the FBI raided the place, mistook LSD for the actual drag and took him away so now there will be no Asians in the hot chicks treat known as "the hot chicks thread"?


I missed you guys... all of you... `cept Fatal, ofcourse...


Now to get some sleep... cause it's late...

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Holy crap it's you! :afro: Man... what a blast from the past! :P


So yeah, as you can see I am now a moderator (And I have refrained from 1337 speak since you've been away :banghead: ). What else... James has stepped down from his position as moderator, Gamecop is trying to increase site activity like a man in a midlife crisis, and we have a few new active members that I'm not sure you'd recognize...


\/\/3|_(0/\/\3 |34(|<, 50/\/\3|30|)|)'/!!!

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