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WEEK 2 | Save 1Emulation from Carl's Weekly Destruction!

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Apparently, I'm white and I work at Midway now.


Even though Sturmy is now decapacitated, I still don't think Carl is a threat. He either lives in a bathroom or works as a bathroom attendee.


But damn, who's going to do my hair now.

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I feel so honored to be a part of this...lol. Oh and I am the father. Now where is my millions. :huh:


BTW the character is very good of me. Even looks like me in my youth..lol.

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By any chance is Carl from Australia or Britain as least, Carl asked "Who in the bloody hell is Disoblige?" which is just not American English. :rolleyes:




Thats exactly what i thought. Unless he's half australian and half american :P




i wonder who carl will kill next? :unsure:

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I hope carl kills mooney next.

Look! Carl has already got us turning against each other! :P We must stop this madness before this turns into Lord of the Flies 1emu style! :unsure:


P.S. Carl,

Drake looks like a prime candidate for you to destroy. :rolleyes:

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