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  1. Member Since 09 Feb 2008 << daaaaamn, that's a while. But put me in the noob box, I am just looking for people from the old anarchy and havoc forums, no real reason just bored and missing the good old times. Are there any still lurking around?
  2. I weigh 175lbs, my feet aren't flat, I call the shoes I wear "orthopedic" but they aren't, just feel like they are supporting in the right places. I am somehow betting on the energy drinks. Yesterday I drank so much yogurt I felt bad afterward and maybe the calcium and whatnot made me feel better, since today the knees don't hurt that much. But good shoes are a must. If you lack the money, arm yourself and go into a shoe store during a sale. The men's section should support male lifeforms for a short period, but once you wander off to the women's section, you'll be scraped off the floor by an employee after the store closes I have worn sneakers for the majority of my life, but today discovered a pair of -50% leather street shoes that felt more comfortable than most sneakers.
  3. wish I could go jogging. I have no idea what messed my knees up: energy drinks, giving piggy-back rides to friends or jumping off places, but lately my knees have been hurting me and I don't want to damage them any more. I'm ugly...ugly...UGLY! lol
  4. slow and painful death to them. Not rehabilitation or whatever crap. hang them by their feet, grab their own trusty BB guns and see how many hits they can take. wow. what hypocrisy. and that "almost". what propaganda. Like being in a prison could be worse than that. in reality, if 1% of that would happen in a prison, it would cause an uproar.
  5. all 8 Ghost in The Shell OSTs Cowboy Bebop Saikano. simply superior.
  6. I promise not to laugh, but I won't promise to keep my promise. I won't promise anything, because I already laughed. lol, Martin. My name? Riho. Not very common, not uncommon. Should have some Finnish origin, but I don't know for sure.
  7. Half Life 2 Episode 1 SHORT! there was some flaw that hid some of the items. like healthpacks and health taps. persistent old me played through most of the first chapter with the 47 HP I got in the beginning. not to mention that at one moment I was down to 12HP and kept on going. when I was down to 1 HP, I googled for a patch and installed it.
  8. send it to me too. or just add me to your msn, I think I have it in my profile, if not, I'll update it after posting this. My story: I am 19, have some friends, get along with people and I am not socially afraid any more. much. age 17: I am the guy with dorky glasses and a frizzy afro. always sitting alone in the rearmost bench. The problem was, that due to some mixup in papers, we had an odd number of people in my class. So, an extra one-student table was added to most of the classrooms. guess who always sat there. Everyone else had deskmates. Never got invited to a party, even if did, never did go. Friends? none. I lived out my emotions in forums like Anarchy, Havoc and baka.ee, earning the title of "emo-idiot". And I rampaged on about how lonely I was. Got banned because of that, registered new accounts and sobbed on. Age 18: New glasses and cut my afro. the birthday of baka.ee, the only estonian anime forum. Even if some people threatened to lock me up in the closet if I'd start my emo sobbing, I went there. And what did I see? People just like me. Ended up making like a dozen friends. joined the IRC channel of local animeholics, joined the anime club and suddenly I had more social life than I had wanted, being dragged everywhere and with people crashing into my place without me even having to invite them. I hope that cheers you up a little. Just find some people of your type. Go to parties. You don't have to get drunk, just take a social sip and talk to people. if you have a laptop and a fighting game, it will have tremendous popularity on a party. I went to a party where there were skinheads, prettyboys and geeks, everyone wanted to have a match and after that the ice was broken.
  9. give your male organ. nothing personal, but most of the people here don't have a practical function for it anyways
  10. I agree. you would probably have more luck controlling your TV with a cell phone. the only similarity between a PSP and DS is that they are both handheld. no way a Sony PS3 would accept some tiny Nintendo DS, being lifetime enemies maybe it is, with some serious hardware modding and some really specific software. maybe messing around with the DS so long, that it thinks to be a wireless gamepad. but that would have no point, be very difficult and utterly pointless.
  11. Guilty Gear X2 reload. two reasons: It is the only one I have played from the list. (sad, but true) I am the unofficial local champion in it.
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