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Best Emulators to Use

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I mentioned this to GameCop before but I think he's too busy to make one.


Its just a recommended list for emulators for everyone to use so they can try to have the best results.


Please leave suggesstions because my knowledge of the vast array of emulators are limited :wink:



Arcade ----- M.A.M.E-/ Kawaks, Final Burn Alpha, Nebula, etc. [bIOS required for some games]


Atari 2600 ----- Stella


Colecovision ----- MESS (Does others too)


Commodore ----- Winvice / CCS64


GameBoy / Color ----- Visual Boy / BGB /


GameBoy Advance ----- Visual Boy Advance


Neo Geo ----- NeoRageX / EGCG NeoRAGEx [bIOS required]


Nintendo ----- FCEUltra


Nintendo 64 ----- Project 64 / 1964


PlayStation ----- ePSXe [bIOS required]


Playstation 2 ----- Pcsx2 [bIOS required]


Sega Genesis / 32x / Sega CD / Game Gear /Master System ----- Gens / Kega Fusion [bIOS required for Sega CD and possibly Sega 32x]


Sega Saturn ----- GiriGiri / SSF (highly recommended). [bIOS required]


Super Nintendo ----- Zsnes / Snes9x


Virtual Boy ----- Red Dragon



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how about FCEUltra for the Nes. :wink: ive had no problems with this one. it works great. also, dGen is another good genesis emu. :wink:

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After trying virtually every NES emulator, I found out that the best is RockNES. It has suppor for almost all games and good options for keyboard or joypad controls.

Try it out! :)

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