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Best Emulators to Use

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Ugh, it only has a free trial version. Anyone know where I can find a leaked version/hack/whatever?


Edit: Also, what should I use for Watara SuperVision and Atari Jaguar?

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Your list is perfect except I think Mame and Kawaks are not only best for arcades but also NeoGeo. I find NeoRageX lacks options and is quite sh!t overall.


The 2nd thing (I've already posted this) is that RockNES is THE best NES emulator. I've tried them all trying to get the perfect results. I was quite upset that I wasn' able to emulate NES absolutely perfectly, until I tried RockNES. The colors are slightly exagererated in RockNES but this is preferable to the washed out look of the others.

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NeorageX would be as close as you can get to the real deal of Neo-Geo.

neoragex was good for neogeo games before PCB's started getting emulated


I like MAME

Don't you mean before all those protections like Bank Switching and such came to be? NeoRAGEx has emulated PCB dumps flawlessly even before that. :P

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