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  1. Have you tried all of the software that is linked at the bottom of this wiki article? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UHarc
  2. For future reference, shave half your sack before you get to the hospital for surgery. That should help them figure which one.
  3. Hey, I like SIDs. I'll download your thing. Have you posted at Lemon64 forums? That's where the bulk of online C64 fans are at.
  4. Totally clean, jelly bean No wait, I had wine today but that's totally legal
  5. My first cartridge game system was ColecoVision, and MESS does it pretty decently. Also, it's just nice to be able to see what all those systems were like.
  6. I think I first saw him in the original Apple Dumpling Gang movie. Good guy, damn.
  7. I think this is the one where the guy who played Boner in the show Growing Pains is the Joker. I just found out that the guy is Star Trek's Chekov's son.
  8. Here's some clean riddles I copied from a Something Awful forum thread: How do you start a flea race? 1, 2, flea, go. What's brown and sticky? A stick, lol. What's an owl's favorite subject? OWL-gebra! What do you get when you cross a river with a bicycle? Wet. What do you call the soft bits between sharks' teeth? Slow swimmers. What's orange and sounds like a parrot A Carrot When ducks fly in a V, why is one side always longer than the other? There's more ducks on that side.
  9. I'm disappointed that the Sirius's Canadian company isn't carrying the show. So, I'm in no hurry to subscribe to Sirius unless I can get my hands on a US subscription. I've heard some mp3s of his radio show from before, but never live.
  10. I'd like to see them do an episode on the Koran. Course, then they'd have to hide out for the rest of their lives what with death threats.
  11. Hey, neat. I've never seen the show because no station in Canada carries it. One guy in the show, Michael Shermer, wrote a good book, Why People Believe Weird Things, which covers alien abductions, psychics, and so on. A good companion book is Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, a great read.
  12. I got a collecting fever lately is all. I acquired something called a rollback set that allows rebuilding MAME roms to fit any MAME version prior to 0.98, so I thought I may as well try to acquire a set of MAME32 versions to complement the collection. Also, on a couple of other forums, there were guys looking for previous versions, for use on older PCs or just for the history of it.
  13. Although the previous MAME versions are available from one source, previous MAME32 versions are not, it seems. I am trying to make a set from 36(f) to 99. (Careful not to misread, that's MAME32 binary setup zips I'm after, not MAME.) So far, I've found some at: http://mame.joymonkey.com/mame32/index.html but many links are broken. Some others are available at: http://emu.makii.pl/wyniki.php3 Search for MAME32 in the provided field. I also have many of the 37 series emailed from a member of a MAME forum. That leaves 0.37b1, 0.37b2, 0.37b3, 0.37b6, 0.37b12, 0.37b15, and 0.54 for me to find. I'm not trying to get any u1, u2, etc. versions. Anybody have these available?
  14. Edit: oh, it be back. That was sort of quick.
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