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  1. Wouldnt ever trust a Gigabyte mobo again after having an infinite loop error off my first athlon board. I recommend the Asus boards, P5B if you want Intel chipset or P5n32+ for nforce. (its a fully specced 650i board)
  2. Shame - I think youll regret the 8600, especially since the new GT is inbetween 8600 and 8800GTS price while still as powerful as(if not slightly more than) the 8800GTS. Still 500W will be ample power
  3. All should be fine m8 - the patriot ram has other profiles one of which is 5-5-5-15, in fact the ram actually defaults to that setting. Ive mismatched ram before now (as long as theyre paired still) and the bios just auto selects the slowest compatible timings accross the 2 speeds.
  4. Its not how many it can handle - that would by Amps, Watts is how much current the PSU serves. You can find out by looking at the side of the PSU therell be plenty of info there but the Wattage is usually at the side and larger text.
  5. Ok first the PSU - 300W is not gonna run a gaming standard 8 series card. It is very unlikely to fry anything though, since the problem will be it not being able to supply enough power, what will actually happen is random restarts. Next from the list of games you have there, you need to be looking at an 8800GTS, the new 8800GT should be out now and one of those would also be suitable. with the GTS you need to be thinking of resolution if you use 1600x1200 or greater then you will need the full version with 640MB onboard memory. 1280x1024 or less and the 320MB version will be fine. With an
  6. You must be logged on to the computer with an account that has administrative credentials. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab. If you are using Windows XP Professional, you must disable Simple File Sharing. By default, Windows XP Professional uses Simple File sharing when it is not joined to a domain. To take ownership of a folder, follow these steps: 1.Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click
  7. download a program called Active smart and run it - it can tell you if the drives own monitoring is picking anything up. As for the disc probs, is it actually showing disc checker running, if its just thrashing then it could be the disc indexing service doing its thing. If not then my best guess is that it might have write caching enabled and the power to the drive is going off before the drive can finish writing. Try diasabling it (Device manger, Hard drive properties, Policies Tab) and see if it still happens.
  8. Hi Gamecop - Reviewed the thread including the grabs of CPU-Z which i would have recommended too. If youre looking at playing more modern games then 2GB is gonna be about what you need - youll only notice more if you need to alt-tab to the desktop frequently. I would personally go with Patriot ram here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820220144 I have 4GB of this ram in my system. (for those interested 3.25GB is usable after a windows load and i have Graphics and sound cards 2 Sata drives and usb installed) Your choice then is either to run at the same latencies as the
  9. Good timing for my drop in visit oldie but not exactly the most frequent poster, so wheres Emo hiding???
  10. ah thankee - i looked on mame.net but theyre the same as what i have
  11. Hey guys been a while dunno if anyone remembers the name but i need some help after a mame upgrade please Last version of Mame32 was .67 which was running peachy I upgraded to 117 and got a full romset and moved the appropriate folders across, artwork snaps etc. Everythings running but for the life of me i dont get any backdrops bezels or overlays to render, is it broken or can someone please help an old veteran?
  12. I dunno... i fry my mobo (well a powercut does anyway) and i go out and get meself a spankin new one and what do i find??? The neocows are on strike and theres no Neocream Godamn never thought id miss MJs Breasts
  13. Aah well sites like that never last and for those that never actually saw the site, I can assure you it did exist still doesnt matter now then
  14. Hey guys havent been around in quite a while and sorry my first post back is askin for help but here goes; A while back i heard of a site to download file planet files without having to wait you just entered the files no and bobs your auntie. Well ive lost the link and cant find it anywhere can anyone here help?
  15. Heres the shots After mucho speculation, Sony have revealed the first concept unit for the PSP, the only credible challenger to the GBA SP on the horizon. Even though the images are still just renders and feature evidence of some none too subtle screenshot editing in PhotoShop, this is probably what you'll have in your sweaty little paws come release day. The screen is huge and in widescreen format, while the buttons appear to be touch-sensitive, not standard 'clickers.' While there's no sign of the much-vaunted analogue stick, the are rumours which suggest that it does pop up from its
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