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DEmul 0.1 released


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Dreamcast emulator


First release


Hello from Russia! We are very proud to introduce you new DC emulator DEmul! We has been trying to write new emulator that will be able to run commercial games since first and only real DC emulator Chankast so far is stopped to develop.


Emulator was started to development early in 2004 by Wind, but just cancelled after Chankast released. About half a year it has been in hybernation, but Chanka was still imperfect and emu was continued to developing. About a year it takes before it shows up BIOS spyral, then early in 2006 year Wind found some emu-russia members and run his first most desired commercial game Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Next progress was very fast and last six of seven month took improvements and debugging.


Now emulator is able to run most commercial releases by various groups all along with homebrew demos and free software. We hope you enjoyed it.


Emulator still imperfect and incomplete. A lot of work still needed. Sound, timing and graphics need improvement and speed up. Since main developer is going to be little busy to do something with DEmul next year, we do not promise fast promoting and emulation progress. We try our best to fix as many bugs as we can and improve emulation.


Compatibility list with advanced features will be later all along with plugins SDK, docs and faqs. Anyway, you can ask your questions (not dumb, please :banghead: ) by e-mail, report about some bugs or progress, please, read README.TXT file before. If you interest in development, we will glad to see you on IRC channels or forums that will be available later too. :alien2:

Source / Download


Thanks to AEP-EMU

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Just tried it, Illbleed and Marvel versus Capcom both worked. Seemed a little glitchy, but I was quite impressed.

I never thought there would be a new dreamcast emulator. Very exciting. I hope the dev's keep up the great work.


Woo-hoo, iso support. No more screwing around with daemon tools. Wicked.

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I'd say that with Dynamic Recompiler enabled, this thing is as fast as Chankast. Better support for games, but the sound needs some serious work; it's absolutely horrible in some games and less horrible in others. Still lots of pops, loud noises, static and misc sound glitches all around.


A very promising emulator nonetheless.

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In the config, under Bios and Plugins. Change the GD-ROM plugin to gdrImage. Now when you start the emulator, it will open up a browser window to look for an image.

The two files I had on my comp were .cdi images and they worked fine. I'll have to do some further testing.

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Where is that Iso support I Can`t find it !!!

the emulator is good


also, you can mount the image with daeomon tools. Later, open the emulator, go to GD-ROM and select the correct drive.

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