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soo what Television channels do you watch the most?


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For me its


Catroon Network (Anime)

Fox (Simpsons)

USA (movies)


You just answered for me, those are pretty much the only channels I watch, although I used to watch g4tv back when I had digital cable but I dont have that anymore

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dont watch much tv, but when i do, its...


cartoon network


discovery channel

fox news channel

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For me its:


1) TNN (WWE, James Bond Movies, Some Good Shows)

2) TBS (Movies, Tv Comedy Shows)

3) ABC (Real Life Shows)

4) FoX (Real Life Shows/ News)

5) NBC (Sunday Movies)

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Tv Hmmm.


I usually watch the channel with the girls on to be honest, you know men & motors.

If i aint watching girlys, usually discovery channel or the sci fi channel.


I love all the theorys about balck wholes and stuff like that.


Indeed soon i will be watching match of the day as "the premiership" is due to kick back of!



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