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  1. Resident Evil 2? I'm probobly wrong but it looks familiar...
  2. I've tried Emurayden before, but the osund ofr Saga Frontier was seriously messed up. And Saga Frontier si the only game I really wanted to play. I'd get Bleem but when I found it you had to pay for it. Oh well. I have a pirate friend(the kind that brings camcorders into the movie theatre ) Im sure that he can figure out whats going on, if he doesn't have 8 emulators already.
  3. I live in the most perfect house known to man. 1.I live alone. 2.It has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. 3.It's within 1 mile of a Kwiktrip. 4.Other than that it has all the necessities of modern life. Cable TV, Roadrunner internet acess, a microwave... I love my life!
  4. You know, you don't HAVE to die. People need to break away from tradition every once in a while, sheesh...inevitable my ***.
  5. Which Resident Evil game is best hmm? Well I do agree with everyone that 2 was great...but it didn't have the nemesis in it(possibly the coolest mass of T-Virused flesh known to Racoon City)...such a tough question. Well It's either 2, 3, CV, or 0. Because 1 didn't have enough cool monsters.
  6. Oi! Sorry I took so long again, but I've had trouble with my computer. Thats probobly the reason why NOTHING EVER WORKS!!! It's not your fault, but I'll give up for now.
  7. Veiwtul? Do you mean Viewtiful Joe?
  8. Most of it is fake, the thing a lot of people were copmlaining about(I think) is that the matche outcomes were all preset and the wrestler dudes were just acting their part.
  9. You can find the password on the part of the site labeled "Get Password" Last i checked(a few minutes ago) I had 19887508997.
  10. Hrm, I made an animation type thing once. It consisted of stick figures beating each other senseless. I wonder what happened to it...
  11. You didn't happen to get Advance Wars 2 or Space Channel 5 before it went off the list did you?
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