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Favorite Game Music?


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So whats your favorite music from any game series or single game?


Theres lots of games where the music has stood out to me, especially later ones because the music sounds so much better. I'd have to say though my favorite music has come from the Mega Man series of games. I saw some special on Mega Man and Capcom and they explained how they wanted to focus a lot on the music besides just the game. Thats why they named the characters Rock and Roll :thumbsup:

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I enjoy the music from Shining force, FF1 and FF7, and Sonic the Hedgehog Series. Those were the games I've played where the music really stood out for me and weren't part of the ambient background.


^How the heck is classic Zelda Cool and New age? Maybe if its souped up with beats and techno.

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Silent Hill, Super Mario 64, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Starfox 64, Metal Slug series, DOOM, Half-life, The Sims, and others.


Most of these are basically songs from games that have been stuck in my head from time to time.

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