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Welcome everyone to 1Emulation v2.9!

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For over 2 years we have not upgraded the 1Emulation website and FINALLY we got a chance to do so. There are so many people to thank for their efforts to help us in this week long project. It took a lot of precise planning, but thankfully we got it done! We hope you enjoy 1Emulation v2.9 as much we will. :P


Here is a quick summary of all the changes ...


- Upgraded Invision Board 2.0.3 to 2.1.7

- Upgraded Invision Arcade

- Upgraded Forum Attack System

- Purchased and Installed Invision Blog w/ 20+ Designs to choose from!

- Completely new Default forum design (includes new topic icons)

- Updated Portal Layout (now compatible with 800x600 resolutions and above)

- New Login Box on Portal

- New Quick Link "1Emulation Network" Bar

... and much much more!


Notes ...


We have also updated our 1Emulation RSS Feeds! Please update your links.

All members and above are able to create a blog on 1Emulation.

Join us to spread the great minds of the emulation community! [1Emulation Blogs]


Special thanks..


Britney_Pairs (for the awesome logo!)

Dreamnid (help on the portal layout)

Nxg (help on the login box for portal)

Gabriel (help on 1emulation network bar)

GryphonKlaw (24/7 technical support :))

Magnis (24/7 mental support :D)

Miskie (24/7 server support :D)


I deeply apologize if I forgot anyone. Lastly, I'd like to thank the entire 1Emulation Staff and Community.


Let's give it another couple years, shall we? :lol:


P.S. Please reply to this thread if you see any problems, errors, or anything suspicious on the upgraded 1Emulation.

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Top Posters In This Topic

This thing is looking good GC, even thought it doesn't have the cool metallic look of the old one. I guess it will take me some time to get used to it, but no too long as the background is still dark like in the old one.

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Yes saves me from writing up a rankings thread!

Happens by itself now!


Looks good GameCop. :P


I know you only wanted bugs and whatnot but I don't have any so tough luck.



edit: actually i found something, i'm using the default IPB skin right now, and the arcade champions are missing (although i prefer it that way because it really slowed page loading).


and, when adding a new blog, the link is bright green "Create a blog" and impossible to read.

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