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The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion thread


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When all comes to all, you'd have to cheat to complete a quest (Which sucks, because I was hoping I wouldn't have too). With one of the Recommendation quests, I couldn't even start it, so I had to use one of the console commands to get passed it.

In which town?

In Bruma. But I hear it happens in other places too, such as Bavil.

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I like the LOD texture/shader replacement mods myself. Now that my machine can actually handle the graphics. They were a pain in the arse to get when I first nabbed them, and I still have them, so if anyone wants them and is having trouble...


And the BTmod UI modification is really nice too.

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Ook.. haven't checked in here for a while. I picked this up and it is a beauty. It runs at 30 fps on all low settings with an ATI x700 Pro (Equivalent to a GeForce 6600) but still very enjoyable. I dislike the framerate drops and bloated static engine, but it is extremely fun and intuitive. I finally completed all the quests for the Thieve's Guild so now I am the Guildmaster and got a free house from it. I'm a level 20 Journeyman of Sneak, Speechcraft, Athletics, Acrobatics, Marksman, Security, and Mercantile with 100 Agility and 92 Speed. :( Some couple annoying perks, but definitely a gem.

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OK, wow, I just got this game... at first I downloaded it but my mods didn't work so I bought it... so now I have three n00bish questions:

1. Is there a limit to the number of mods you can have ictive? :D

2. How/Where do you buy the shack in the Waterfront District?

3. What is the best set of light Armor, 1-handed sword, shield, and bow w/ arrows? :D

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1.) Not that I'm aware of. Just make sure none conflict with each other.


2.) You need 2000 gold I think. Or is it 5000? Might be 10,000. I don't remember. To buy it, go to the Market district and there is an office there. Not exactly specific but it's been months since I've played. :D


3.) I think the best light armor is the Dark Brotherhood armor. Best 1 handed sword is a Daedric short sword, I think. Best shield is glass shield if I recall. Daedric shields are heavy. Daedric bow is best (actually, enchanted ones are best) and daedric arrows but they weigh a lot. I just used silver arrows.

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