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please recommend roms to add <_< if they are any good ill add a patch with rom removal a few more little features and some more games....right now there is only battle toads its up to you guys to recommend more games for me to look at for the patch and no one has.


Hope you like it now anyway I use it alot :lol:

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Its great to be able to play and not worry about the correct rom.


If you get enough input on games for a patch would you consider the follwing:


Columns 1,2 or 3

The real ghostbusters


Revolution X

Terminator 2






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Please add the 2 cosmo ganga games (shooter and puzzle), the Parodius series, Detana Twinbee (also Yahoo if possible), Phelios, Salamander 2 and if possible OSMAN/Cannon dancer.


Thanks for your great piece of software :D

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Is there any way to acquire this without the ROMs?


I'd like to check it out but I'd rather not spend hours downloading it when I already have all the necessary sets.


If anyone can help please let me know.


Thanks. :D

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