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Great work.


I like the "add to favorite" and the "game visualition"


But we can't add new roms, there's no refresh button.


Could you make a version where we can add new roms ?


Can it be possible to add a feature that we can delete a rom directly from mamedox ?


If you have new version of the emulator, i can test them if you want.



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its still posted on ngs but its 46 days old now so unless you got a good server that has a good retension rate (in other words, can see binary files for up to that long or longer), you are gonna have a tough time getting it :clapping:

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Hey, thanks a lot for this the layout and options are all very clean. I had no problems running it from harddrive, however, I have burned it to a DVDR (standard data disc with Nero) and none of the files will launch. I am using XBMC as the dash, is there anything special I should be doing to run it? Is there a specific way of burning it to disc? Thanks.

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i personally hate torrents so thats not happening which is why you'll only se my fba-xxx pro rom update posts and such on ngs and plus i'm currently using mameox128 anyway.


no disrespect to britneyspairs but i perfer that.

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I've find a way to refresh roms, just rename this 3 files and start Mame, there will be an auto refresh.


I've done this because i've deleted some and they've still been shown in rom list.





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