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  1. Will there be a Vol4 in the near future?
  2. Could you repost the archive or use a different service than zippyshare?
  3. Can someone send me the links, please? Thanks
  4. Thanks! That will be enough! Thanks to searius too!
  5. Yeah, torrent is no more on the tracker, could someone reseed it for a while?
  6. I've tried myself, and the result is: doesn't work It's the usual crap, frontend looks great but as soon as a game is launched it falls back to YPrPb and the screen becomes green. FBAXXX looks great in VGA and the colors are MUCH better than with the YPrPb>VGA adapter
  7. Sorry to resurrect this old thread... Is there any news about a new version?
  8. There's a bios hack to use the XBOX with a VGA monitor, I tried it with an old mameox version sometime ago and while the frontend worked, the actual emulator did fall back to component mode (you get green tinted screen on the VGA). I know that PS component works, infact I'm using a component>VGA adapter atm, but since colors aren't as good as they can be, I was hoping I can discard the adapter.
  9. Is this version of mame compatible with the VGA bios or does it fall back to component mode?
  10. I love the interface, the favourites feature, the fact that all the games are working and the fact that there aren't 999 clones of the same game... So either if you add a few games or implement an user controlled ROM add/delete feature is fine for me, thanks. Btw. OSMAN/Cannon Dancer is working in PC MAME but not in the XBOX ports, would it be possible to have it fixed?
  11. Please add the 2 cosmo ganga games (shooter and puzzle), the Parodius series, Detana Twinbee (also Yahoo if possible), Phelios, Salamander 2 and if possible OSMAN/Cannon dancer. Thanks for your great piece of software
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