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  1. THX. In test, seems to works good with mame 0.105 roms. Also posted on a good xbox french forum. If i want to play some roms that are on a DVD, what's the path i must set in mame to make it get roms from DVD ?
  2. Works good Is there a way to assign only one button to auto fire and not all of the buttons ?
  3. In this FBA-XXX Pro v1.14, i've added my screenshots in screenshots folder like always, but screenshots aren't showed at game selection menu !!!
  4. Can you add something to allow us activate it without a keyboard ?
  5. I've tried, i go to "input this game", i set a custom button, but when i go to "custom button" menu to activate it, i can't activate it, on PC you just hit the button that is used for start to activate it, i don't know what to do.
  6. Hy HK$ Can you make an option called "Toggle AutoFire" like in Mame32Plus.105.3 on PC. On PC with Mame32Plus.105.3, you press "tab button", go in "input this game", here you can assign a button to "toggle autofire". Then when you go in autofire settings you can choose between Off/On/Toggle. On xbox there's no where in any mame this option. Official Mame on pc didn't have it too. This option is very usefull in games like DoDonPachy or other games where you can't use autofire because the button is also a superpower charger.
  7. Take a tool called "C-XBox Tool", last version 2.0.6 Or any over iso tool for xbox. Put all files of MAMEdOX Platium in a folder, call it MAMEdOX Platium for example. Make an iso image with C-XBox Tool of your MAMEdOX Platium folder, don't patch anything. In neroburningrom go in "Recorder" then go in "Burn Image", choose your iso and burn it at a low speed, that's all.
  8. What do you call "all of the data" ? You have to burn an iso image so you can boot on your DVD.
  9. Hy, For AES Mode, MVS Mode, or others mod, just choose the right bios in FBA settings, aes.bios, mvs.bios, etc.....
  10. All this stuff in Pc and in xbox too : 000-lo.lo aes-bios.bin asia-s3.rom neo-po.bin neodebug.rom sfix.sfx sm1.sm1 sp-e.sp1 sp-j2.rom sp-s.sp1 sp-s2.sp1 sp1.jipan.1024 uni-bios.10 uni-bios.11 uni-bios.12 uni-bios.13 uni-bios.20 uni-bios.21 uni-bios.22 uni-bios.rom usa_2slt.bin vs-bios.rom The games that work, work good, it's just that i'm bored of "loading time" and wasting time to configure each rom. But you can't ask more to the xbox with only 64Mo of ram. I will try to only keep the best and the best working game on xbox, for the others i'll play it on PC.
  11. THX guys, but i think i'm gonna do my rom life on a computer and little less on xbox. Faster loading, games work better, no crc error, no files missing, no memory problems, etc...(in a way it's normal) When i take a game like s1945p.zip, MAME v0.105.dat show it complete and the game works on a PC, but MAMEoX128_Plus!_ver20060412(RomCenter).dat show it complete too but the game don't work on xbox because xbox show that some files are missing. Also when a game.zip seems incomplete, on a computer the game work, i don't know how, may be it take other roms in other games, but on xbox the game will not work until you repare it with rom center. To much difference between mame xbox and mame pc, but it's the fault of the xbox, i hope that 360 will be patched so i'll by it and i hope emulators will work as good on it as on PC.
  12. How do you find values for vm ? I'm fighting to find good value for raiden fighters.
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