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its only sitting on hdd..... I have standalone Street Fighter and Alpha 3 and SFturbo and xmen as xbe optimised with easy key reconfigs.


And a full installer for people that want everything to work from backingup stuff to playing arcades to music to movies.... all simplified and pretty.

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Regarding lack of support… Well, for me MAMEdOX Platinum was perfect already. Sure I could have one or two games added, but I do not have the urge of a collectionist (and that's precisely why Platinum drew me from BAED), so that's why it did not make sense for me to go through all MAME supported arcades and make a checklist. Right out of my mind I could just come up with one so I mentioned it.


My main only wish for it was the possibility to access move lists in a trigger-like function (press button: pause & see list; release button: resume) and without having to browse for the specific character and scrolling up or down every time the thing was triggered (i.e. triggering the function again should lead you in the character and level of scrolling down you left last time). That is really the only thing I'd really really really like to see added. If there are more things, that's great although I wouldn't care that much.


Even if that version never comes out, I really appreciate what BritneysPAIRS did, so thank so so much.

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I added alot more games simplified down some stuff... intergrated in a few genisis games eg sonic and reskined. (also remove a few games that where doubled up and made more world versions) And as usual all 100 percent tested so sould be no bugs.


Stop teasing...lets have it on Usenet.

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its not that easy.... i dont have any of that stuff, plus stuff should b discussed so everything is correct. EG the lock so I dont get people that dont know what they are doing doing stuff and then asking me for help. I test my side :) but I know others and the millions of issues they have and if someone want to support that they can. But I make it so there wont be any if I can. Also games that need to be added, if any and ill complete the build. Also at the moment my arcades are intergrated into a Platium version of XBMC version 2 as I dont just use my xbox for arcades.


So if people discuss stuff with me for a few days who knows what you can get. But as I say I dont hear much (dont want to know about mods to it as I cant control the bugs) dont hear about bugs or games wanted.

Believe it or not im pretty quick but I dont put out half arsed stuff.

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Just found MAMEdOX Platinum on the groups! It's so.. so.. beautiful, so clean :banghead:


Before this I was using 3 loads on my Xbox HDD which consisted of:


- 1 buggy MAME-X b6 that had memory errors and and a grip of crap/nonworkings

- 1 MameoX that I tried to transfer from BAED DVD to HDD and it looks like it only got P-Z??

- 1 MamedoX 1.1, full load of everything and processed complete with nonworkings, crap and dupes


Thanks to you BritneySPAIRS, I don't have to wade through my MamedoX mountain of turd. Probably would have taken me months!


I'm debating weather I should wipe it all out and stick with Platinum or keep Platinum and my own d0X 1.1 together. It's a full collection of MAME roms I processed with the 1.1 dat. I noticed that it does not automatically remove the non working roms but instead just marks it as non working. I'm not a collector and just want to play the games. If I keep both I have to use the Platinum Installer disc (save renamer) right? BritneySPAIRS - in this Platinum release, can you give me a general idea of what is left out? From what I gather- dupes, non-workings, and mahjong- what else?


What other Mame loads are out there? I keep hearing about Bender and HK - can someone explain these releases to me?


Also talking to a few of you guys I keep hearing about Enhanced BAED. Can you give me a list of existing enhanced baed, what's on them, and what's special about them? A "best of" (emulator/rom load releases) list would be awesome. I think I may have already seen a thread on it so a simple link would be good too.


Finally I just want to say thank you for all your hard work on this kick ass release! :P

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awaiting a reply but might be looking at helping out...


Well I personally would love to see a new skin or two (don't get me wrong I like the current one - much better than the ugly cream of MameOx), also to have Sonic and other 'classic' console games would be cool (especially if you could use the great sort facility to bunch them together). Any other arcade games that work are always appreciated, but I'm no arcade expert so have no favourites that are missing...


To 9tendo, I just have Platinum and FBA-XXX Pro (with doubles/non-working roms removed) on my system, and to tell you the truth to my eye there's no difference between the gameplay on them, but Platinum has much better (Mame v FBA) support for games other than CPS/Neo...unless there's a game you're gagging for that's not in Platinum (speak to Britney if so) why keep the others on - they're a pain (IMO).

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