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BritneyPAIRS, I don't know the first thing about any of this... but it seems to me, perhaps the "open" option could be switched on by changing a setting in a .ini file (or whatever it is on xbox). So, the default is "locked" system like now, and by changing the setting, experimenters could try whatever it is they want to try.


Just my 2c worth.

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they can try what ever they want now with mamedox HK build....bendermameox mameox or mameb-6 no issues there..but if one wants access i say I have no issues with that. But last guy said he would rather it gets sorted. In the end it will be up to you guys ill do one or the other. Needs a vote ;).


Also I didnt lock it that hard yip a little knoweldge its easy to rescan roms and its listed here a few ways to do this. I could have locked that I just wanted those that really didnt know what they where doing to make sure it was setup correctly. Eg if it runs I know how its setup which would have helped any bugs but as yet no reports of any :unsure:

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Using command.dat in game will cost too much memory.


I recommend to use FBA's command files, which should cost less memory and be easier to support.

Well, obviously you do know better than I.


When I asked for the feature, I really meant the functionality. Wether or not it's accomplished with direct support to command.dat (which is not being updated anyway) or through other means, I am of course totally fine with.


Still, I just wanted to point out that while BAED#3B (which uses FBA, so I guess those are "FBA commands" you refered to), uses plain text files, command.dat is actually a plain text file too. The only difference I see is that BAED#3B has one single text file per game and command.dat is one huge 1,4 MB plain text file.


Please, HK$, do not understand this as a whining to your post. You have all my respects. I just wanted to point out to others what the difference between FBA and command.dat seem to be (from my lame and non-programmer's POV).

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so... is there any specific way to burn this to a DVD? I simply threw it on there with Nero and none of the xbe's will start in xbmc.

Wondered why the file named README is named that way? Read it. It tells you how, before being able to boot it, you must manually copy some files from the DVD into your saves folders at E drive.

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okay, so i'll say it a second time. I copied all the necessary TDATA and UDATA directories into their proper xbox locations. Then I burned all of the data onto a DVD with Nero. Now none of the xbe's do anything when I start them up. Is there a specific way in which I should have burned the disc?

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ok, so you're saying I have to package all the data into an ISO and then burn the one ISO file to the DVD in data mode? The way I did it now was to put all of the files and folders in the main directory onto a DVD in ISO 9660 format.

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Take a tool called "C-XBox Tool", last version 2.0.6


Or any over iso tool for xbox.


Put all files of MAMEdOX Platium in a folder, call it MAMEdOX Platium for example.


Make an iso image with C-XBox Tool of your MAMEdOX Platium folder, don't patch anything.


In neroburningrom go in "Recorder" then go in "Burn Image", choose your iso and burn it at a low speed, that's all.

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