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Tekken Tag - SMF and R.Belmont!


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Look what the cat dragged in

Another WIP I had nothing to do with, but am happy to show it anyway since it’s one more PSX-hardware game that at least boots (I think the final holdout is NBA Jam Extreme. It tasks me…)


Anyway, reverse-engineering by Olivier Galibert based on drunken long-ago work by Duddie with MAME implementation by smf gets you this:


Before everyone hyperventilates, the game is 100% unplayable - only parts of the characters appear, the camera moves seemingly at random, and lots of other weird screwups occur. In other words, there’s still more protection.


Since variety is the spice of life, smf has a few different shots of his own to taunt the Guru.




Sorry Guru. I couldn’t resist it, I’ll get back to what I should be working on right now.


In case anyone is wondering, it isn’t playable. Hopefully the encryption fairy can start looking at the real hard stuff now.



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Why would anyone say they can't wait till it's playable? It'll run properly long before theres hardware capable of running it at a playable speed. Until the MAME team grows up and stops whining that HLE is inaccurate and they won't add it for that reason, you'll be seeing many games emulated that run slower than your grandma with a broken hip.

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Yeah, there hasn't been much new to look forward to in the emulation world lately. This would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, I think you'll probably need a supercomputer to play it.

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