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  1. Sounds great! What about 3D games? Will they be faster now because of Direct3D?
  2. Great news! Is there a possibility to port this on ZiNc?
  3. Does MAME32 support uni-bios? I though that this feature is only for unofficial builds?
  4. Hi folks! I'm pretty experienced with NeoGeo emulators for PC but, unfortunately, i don't know much about NeoGeo emulators for xbox But i will visit my friend who owns xbox soon, so it is a good chance to try some NeoGeo games on xbox. And i have a few questions: 1. What emulator should i use? Should it be FBA-XXX, FBA-XXX Pro or kawa-x. I want to play mslug and kof games even those which are not officially supported (kof2003, svc chaos, mslug5) 2. I've got one Verbatim DVD-RW. Is it enough? 3. Should i burn both emulator and roms on it? At what speed? Help me please! Thanks in advance!
  5. Note that kof2003 and svcchaos wont work, use decrypted versions instead... I think that fix key is C
  6. List of PCM2 options: 5 = mslug5 6 = samsho5 7 = svcchaos, svcchaosd 8 = kof2003, kof2003d 9 = samsh5sp List of Gfx options: GfxCrypt-GfxKey-Games 2 0f samsho5 2 0d samsh5sp 2 19 mslug5 2 57 svcchaos - does not work 2 9d kof2003 - does not work List of Fix options: 22 = svcchaos, svcchaosd 24 = samsho5 25 = mslug5 26 = kof2003, kof2003d 27 = samsh5sp Edit : Note that kof2003 and svcchaos wont work, use decrypted versions instead (kof2003d, and svcchaosd)...
  7. Yes i get english text when i try that set in compilied Mame or FBA... But when i checked it last time in nebula (nebula 2.24 and set with decrypted v1) i couldn't play it in console mode and the text was in japanese
  8. I have bootleg version with hacked c7 and c8 roms, and it works fine under Nebula
  9. U cant get that kof2k3 romset working better on nebula... No way...
  10. Heroes of Might and Magic 2, but i like Heroes 3 a lot Btw wog rocks. Heroes 4 is good but Heroes 2&3 are better IMO. My favourite castle is wizard's castle/Tower - I like Titans I have Heroes 1, Heroes 2, Heroes 2 expansion, Heroes 3 AB&SOD pirated and Heroes 4 with all expansions.... Btw I have Heroes 2 and Heroes 3 : RoE originals P.S Heroes 1 is CD rip i've downloaded
  11. So you have tested it with 3.29? This is the best version for chankast, it solved that problem for me. Hmm... try to use "securom" or "safedisc" option in daemon tools... And all games i had weren't bootable but i made them bootable with bin2boot program
  12. Ok, first remove your kof2k3 dat from romdata directory and try this one : %%%%%%%%%%%%%Create by RomData Maker%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Author: % % EMail: % % URL: % % Create Date:10/26/2005 % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: Neo RomName: kof2003 Game: King of Fighters 2003 [Program] 271-p1.rom,0,800000,57A1981D,0 [Text] 271-s1.rom,0,20000,DF422440,0 [Z80] 271-m1.rom,0,80000,E86AF8F,0 [Samples] 271-v1.rom,0,400000,D2B8AA5E,0 271-v2.rom,400000,400000,71956EE2,0 271-v3.rom,800000,400000,DDBBB199,0 271-v4.rom,C00000,400000,1B90C4F,0 [Graphics] 271-c1.rom,0,800000,E42FC226,0 271-c2.rom,1,800000,1B5E3B58,0 271-c3.rom,1000000,800000,D334FDD9,0 271-c4.rom,1000001,800000,D457699,0 271-c5.rom,2000000,800000,8A91AAE4,0 271-c6.rom,2000001,800000,9F8674B8,0 271-c7.rom,3000000,800000,374EA523,0 271-c8.rom,3000001,800000,75211F4D,0 [System] CartridgeID: 271 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 EDITED : I posted wrong dat - fixed EDIT 2 : fixed again - damn copy/paste
  13. LOL I've just checked the dat you posted works with nebula 2.25! Anyway long ago i had same problem. I was using dat i've found on some forum (maybe it was this one ) and i had the same problems with controls. Later i've found what the problem was. The dat didn't have this part : [System] CartridgeID: 271 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 So check your dat in romdata folder or make a new one with romdata maker
  14. Errr... Could u post your dat file please? Kof2k3 romsets with one P rom will probably work on NRX, Nebula etc
  15. I'm not sure about this, but i think that kawaks does not have NeoGeo raster effects support...
  16. Great news. Btw why is it 0.100? It should be 1.0, i dont get it?
  17. I've just tested it. It is Nebula 2.25 with fixed dat... http://www.speksnk.net/speksnk/nebula/nebu..._unofficial.zip
  18. There is a nebula 2.25a unofficial release at SpekSNK forums. I dont know if it is proprer to link it here?
  19. Yes i did And i had a headphones Edit : Problem solved I've found the solution on SpekSNK forums Open neogeo.dat and find this : [quote] [Samples] 265-v1.bin,0,800000,15E8F3F5,0 265-v2.bin,C00000,800000,DA41D6F9,0 This is correct: [Samples] 265-v1.bin,0,800000,15E8F3F5,0 265-v2.bin,800000,800000,DA41D6F9,0 This is for kof2002. Same goes for Matrimelee - just replace C00000 with 800000
  20. Nebula 2.25 crashed when i've tryed to load kof2002 and matrimeele first time Then I've tryed to run in under Win98 and everything was fine... Except the sound in kof2002 - it's horrible Is something wrong with PMC2 protection support? Btw i've just tryed kof2002 and i was able to load rom under WinXP, but the sound is still awful
  21. El Semi has released a new version of Nebula. Here are the changes: »» Official Site: http://nebula.emulatronia.com/ »» Download it Now! [1Emulation Server]
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