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How do you clean a keyboard?


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My keyboard is extremely old and who know's what living in it. Sometimes you got pizza crums popping out of the keys when I type. It's pretty bad and I don't really know how to clean a keyboard. I use to just open it up and it was a pain in the ass to put back together again. Anybody have a clue? :P

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LOL about crumbs flying up while you're typing!


I would have thought you could take out screws and tip the crumbs out. Maybe use a blower or vacuum cleaner to remove the stubborn ones. Or, if its too late and it's already filled with cockroaches, buy another one. :P

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you can remove they keys with a screwdriver, carefully push it under the keys and then lift it up, the keys will pop out and you can remove them all.


Clean the board itself and each key, then assemble them again, simply push them back into place. May come in handy to have a list of which key to put where.


May look like this then: (Not mine i found on google :P )




Some loose keys drying:




Usually the space key has some wirelike thingy beneath it, take a good look on how it is fixed so you can re-assemble it the way it was used to be. Same may appear for the Enter key.

If you clean everything well it will be like new.


More pics: http://images.google.de/images?q=cleaning%20keyboard



Yours may look like this: http://blog.ignore-your.tv/images/dirty-keyboard.jpg

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the keys on a laptop are actually a big esier to remove than normal keys (since they're flat and really thin


I've been thinking of turning this keyboard into "Das Keyboard" ghosty style (using a sharp object to scratch off the labels to tell me which key I press)

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Making keyboards like that is a very old fashioned thing that is barely ever done anymore, be careful, i think it might be deliberate so people have to buy new keyboards but with alot of boards nowadays once you take the keys out they arent going back on...ESPECIALLY with laptops, i think ive come across one laptop on my time where the keys could go back on.


I would just go through it with an air duster and a feather or q-tip or something and maybe tweezers for the big bits.


Or just buy a brand new Saitek Eclipse board O_O Thats what im doing soon because im sick of cleaning out my old one. I found a dead earwig in it once. (If youve ever lived in michigan...yeah....instead of getting mice, you get earwigs there....gross..and everyone gets it, no avoiding it, there was even one in my gamecube)

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No it's not, I take mine completely apart to clean it. I remove the circuitboard and wipe it down with a cloth (Not the breadboard with the LEDs on it!) they're completely plastic coated, the rest goes in the sink and gets washed like you'd wash dishes.


Keyboards are such simple pieces of equipment, it's nearly impossible to do any real damage to them unless you're careless.


As for this statement:


computer keyboards are submersible in water, it does not harm them. you just need to air them out over night or use a blow dryer.


Don't be telling people this. The circuitboard for the keys may be plastic coated, but the other one for the LEDs and the wiring harness is NOT. Water won't hurt the connectors either, if you dry them off right away......but leaving them air dry will cause them to rust or corrode over time.

The wiring inside is also not always very well insulated either, water gets inside the harness and you could wind up frying the PS/2 port on your motherboard with a short circuit backtracing through the keyboard into your computer.........if your keyboard is USB, you could lose a port, or worse an entire USB Root Hub.

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