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[IMAGE] DS wifi


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no offense but thats not really a video its just about 6 different pictures being showed for about 2 or 3 seconds each with music


Oy, I do take offense because this video does provide the detail for anyone who wants to to completely pick it apart (which was the intention) - it goes through several stages yes, but you can see exactly what it's doing and to call it just 6 pictures... just means you didn't but glance at it.




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no offense but thats not really a video
My dear sir, what did you expect. An MSN client, perhaps a Flash-capable browser?


Anyway. This is the base-layer API. Looks like sg deliberately stucka delay loop in there so you can see individual bytes and packets being pulled from the connection, an IP being picked up, and such. I think it's a succinct description of the complications involved, but keep in mind that this is the base upon which applications will be built. This is the Transport Layer (and below), in networkspeak.


Well done 1emulation, btw, for only crashing for 8 hours. I'd expect this kind of news to keep the place down for weeks.

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Ok I went and watched it on my other computer and it does look like a video, must just be this comp :)

I never said what Sgstair is doing is wonderful because it is.

And im not an Ungrateful little crap either i was and still will wait patietly until its released.

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