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  1. Lol, transmitting sound and picture from the pc to the ds, wow on the ds anyone? That probably won't ever happen but it's funny to think about.
  2. I don't know if this has been said before or not. So if you guys already have this figured out just ignore me but I thought maybe this could be of use. In my nvidia controls there is a zoom option that opens a window that zooms in on whatever part of the screen you are hovering over. I have mine set up as a shortcut ctrl-shift-z. It's very useful, and if you could use that window that pops up to display what is on the top screen of the ds or something. Then it would be an already made zoom window.
  3. He is probably doing his degree project so often these things will be fairly difficult, and not necessarily the best way to do it. It's probably just a test of his software coding and electrical engineering skills. I think it would be cool though, and useful, a security guard could keep an eye on the camera's while doing his rounds, or laying on a couch.
  4. My Dlink 614+ works with the nintendo wfc too. Mario kart is cool but damn no battle mode, no time trial global record boards, and no way to pick how you want to play against.
  5. lol someone is gonna make that now, it'll sniff out unsecured wireless networks. And it won't even look conspicuous, just some dude playing his ds hacking into your computer. Not that they couldn't do that before with a laptop.
  6. My computer is always on so that's not an issue. Would the ds be able to connect through a laptops wireless nic card thingy(forget what it's called). Would be cool if it did.
  7. What a douche! He doesn't have to show anything to ungrateful little craps like you but he did. He keeps us updated all the time. And what have you been doing for the community while sgstair has been working his ass off? Nothing but bitching.
  8. NoComply


    With the lack of information about Nintendo's use of wifi with the ds, I would assume that anything that gives a bit more understanding of it would be a good thing. Like capturing packets that mario kart is sending out to the router, or where settings are stored for wifi. If anything I don't think that the release of Mario Kart will set Sgstair back any. At the least it would provide something that is of use. You don't have to reverse engineer the Mario Karts rom just to exploit it or make it useful to you. "Stupidity" has gotten the ds homebrew scene this far, or did you just assume they figured out how to make the passme the same way Sgstair is figuring out the wifi?
  9. Come on sgstair, we want a real time meter to measure everything you do on dswifi. Overall progress 234,686,522 / 871,193,453 keystrokes. That way everytime you press a key, we know exactly how close you are to being done down to the last one.
  10. NoComply


    I sense a bit of sarcasm in your reply. I was just wondering, I mean that guy hacked the ipod by listening to the click of the hard drive so I just thought that maybe someone would be able to get something out of Mario Kart be it from the rom or capturing packets to see what it's doing.
  11. Ya, dongle might be cool since you can just go over to a friends house and plug it into their computer's usb slot. Would be quite annoying to do that with a router, and you will have a tougher time convincing your friend that you are gonna hook up your wireless router which needs a plug in, another lan cable, and you have to disconnect their net just to hook it up. Mind you I have a router so I don't think I need to worry.
  12. NoComply


    Is there a possibility that someone could look at some of the files in the mario kart rom? Not sure if it is encrypted or not.
  13. What I'm hoping for is that the video won't be as taxing as an xvid video, the ds resolution probably isn't as good as a monitor so I hope that would mean it would be easier on the cpu.
  14. A bit off topic but would we be able to do streaming video eventually? Video would already have to be converted to a ds friendly format but would it be possible? Like b/w wise, I assume mp3 streaming would be a go, but have doubts if the ds could handle something like that. Would be awesome if you could access your library of movies and tv shows on your ds at any time.
  15. Ya, it works, it was in popular science and I personally tried it out. It's directional but even if you point it away from your computer, most likely you will still be able to connect, but you can point it towards your living room or wherever you plan on playing your ds. The reason I tried this was because I was having connection problems through a wall, and signal strength improved enough to get a connection where I wanted it. I realize that wasn't what he was asking but thought it would be helpful anyway.
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