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  1. This is a really amazing piece of software. You did an AMAZING job programming this tight and convientent homebrew.
  2. OMG I connected!!! SgStair you are the greatest, you are a GOD. OMG now for WiFi apps to my heart's content! THANKS TONS
  3. sgstair, I have never been able to connect successfully with your lib. This was because of lack of WEP support, but that is working now. I just spent a while configuring my wifi settings in mario kart to use a static IP. I was able to connect to WFC successfully. Then I start the test app included in the v0.3 examples, and I cannot connect with the WFC settings. It is always stuck on ASSOCSTATUS_SEARCHING. I don't know what to do because I have tried everything I can think of. Any help is appreicated! (I really wanna get some of these kick ass wifi apps goin.)
  4. If you go to like E3 or something you might hit the limit.
  5. Thank you for the test app sgstair! It so awsome seeing progress right in my own hands! I am so thankful, although its not thanksgiving anymore... I have downloaded like everything you have shown related to this project, I even have a sgstair folder! (See below) With the wardriving app I found like seven wireless networks unencrypted that mkds and my laptops network card knew nothing about!
  6. You could do FlashMe, but you need a gba cart the first time around.
  7. Update w00t! To most it will seem that the percentages have gone down but sgstair has just made a much more percise progress report.
  8. Those are some critical features, but with friend codes you CAN choose who you want to play against.
  9. I know man, theres been like no new posts.
  10. Thats pretty cool! More than just ralink cards can be used to connect to nintendo wfc!
  11. Update Update Update! But no change in percentages...
  12. I have never heard of this. What the hell can you do with this?
  13. No this won't because we currently can't sign our homebrew, so it could only be a problem with FlashMe but then you are able to reflash it. You don't need to be so scared, there's a lot of crapware for your computer and you still go online. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hurray! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We still do wanna sign homebrew...
  14. You could have it search for any ds sending off ANY wireless signal. Like ds download play, pictochat, etc. You quickly glance around and spot him. "Hey wanna play?", "Sure."
  15. I'm REALLY interested in intercepting pictochat messages from my DS, I draw great stuff in there!
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