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  1. DS Wifi site is dead. Sorry for my english. I'm French
  2. IT'S SUPER ? VERY NICE auther picture and video ?
  3. Sgstair you work is very good Now have you got a pictures or videos ?
  4. He don't have update of http://www.akkit.org/dswifi/indexhtml
  5. DS wifi is infected with virus ? Update(2005.10.08)£ºConsumer Alert !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not, I repeat DO NOT run any Homebrew on your Nintendo DS, GBAMP, SUPERCARD until the below situation is resolved. DarkFader, the person who cracked the Nintendo DS, was behind the creation of the NeoFlash, the MAN who ran the Nintendo DS ROM release group GST (Golden Sun Team) has released a small program that will erase your Nintendo DS firmware, GBAMP firmware and/or your SuperCard Firmware and the release is supported and endorsed by the DSDEV (#dsdev) community of dev's (who most receieve free NeoFlash devkits) and have been payed off by NeoFlash to, in this instance, litterly KILL the competition. The code used in the original bricking application has been ripped and now is being added to other homebrew and romsso if you run one without checking it first you'll end up with a dead Nintendo DS, GBAMP and/or SuperCard. This is a verycounter-productive move on the Nintendo DS's Development Community as their code to disrupt piracy (which they helped create) is now being used in their own programs! Just image going to run NESDS and having your Nintendo DS die! Luckily, if you use the FlashMe Firmware replacement for the Nintendo DS you can recover from this deadly attack by booting up the system any holding "A+B+START+SELECT" then loading the Firmware from a flashcart other then your SuperCard (as it's most likely been destroyed). More info from http://www.tehskeen.net/
  6. The new firmware was compatibility with homebrews. Flash cart is important need. Sorry for my english i'm french.
  7. SuperCard with SuperPass is it compatibility ?
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