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  1. What if people only have a small CF? Free space would be determined by CF size and it's contents. I have a 512Mbyte CF filled with MP3's. It has less than 600kb free. Although if you were streaming you could probably get away with just Moonshell on a small (32Mbyte or 16Mbyte) CF.
  2. I expect Wifi will make it's way into PA_LIB.
  3. Well, I've been hanging around the DSWifi forum for a long time, and though I'd show my face in the rest of the forum. /me stares at a sea of expectant faces Er..Hi all?
  4. We talking MILFs here? I'd have to say Lexa Doig of Andromeda fame.
  5. Stripperella How could I forget my favourite video game gal, Krystal. Seriously she's the hawtest EVAR.
  6. Maybe he wants to use it for remote porn browsing/viewing?
  7. Any kind of girls in mind? I can hook you up. Mainly got catgirls in my harem. Take your pick. I got tabbies, greys, black and whites, even a Ginger (*she* is a little suprising *wink wink*).
  8. Take a look at everyones group. We're all Premium Members. That could be why we have Atomic Bombs.
  9. Catgirls 4 EVER! Seriously I love them, especially in school uniforms. Don't worry, I'll clean up the drool
  10. How can you have a porno site without attachements?
  11. Until now i've never seen that device. No-one has AFAIK done anything with it to make it work with homebrew.
  12. JaJa

    Mac apps

    Ok. Here's my VLC and iTunes remote. It uses the itunes code, but i stuck some code to switch between iTunes and VLC in it and some VLC controls. I'll relist all the controls: A = play (iTunes) B = pause (iTunes) X = play/pause (VLC) Y = fullscreen (VLC) R = next (VLC) L = previous (VLC) Start = Swap between iTunes and VLC Select = Update song title (iTunes) U-dpad = Volume up (iTunes) D-dpad = Volume down (iTunes) R-dpad = Next track (iTunes) L-dpad = Previous track (itunes) Oh and you need to rename ds2key_itunesandvlc.txt to.pl because the forum wouldn't let me upload.pl. Run it with perl /path/to/ds2key_itunesandvlc.pl at the terminal I'd like to show the video title, but i can't figure out how atm. I think i'll have to use an applescript to read the window title. Edit: done. It now displays the movie title when your using VLC. Also improved a little bit. ds2key_itunesandvlc..txt
  13. JaJa

    Mac apps

    Works great, and nice and easy to customize as it uses applescript. Looking at the script libraries to see what else can be done. I can see VLC or mplayer working well
  14. JaJa

    Mac apps

    I'd like an itunes remote. Throw a copy this way please. nvm found the link in the other thread.
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