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  1. Sounds like you want more then you already have and can't be happy with what you have here already. Have you ever considered maybe there is no more out there to get and that the whole emulation thing is running dry. Can't say emulation as a whole is dead because dcemu.co.uk is just killing it in visitors and interaction. They completely ignore emulators for the PC and strictly focus on emulators for other game systems and in the process have become one of the best sites for emulation. There is nothing exciting anymore when it comes to emulators for the PC. There is no reason for people to
  2. I agree with some of the suggestions already made. The name implies it's an emulation site but if you want to expand to more gaming aspects then maybe a name change will help catch some people's attention. General overall interest in emulation is also on a downward trend and has been for the past few years. Every once in awhile you might have a project that will peak some interest but its just basically a flash in a pan when it comes to return visitors. Generating interest in your sites is not an easy thing and their is many things to take into consideration. I agree with the suggestion
  3. Hrm not sure maybe something setup incorrectly in your browser. I never get the session ID numbers with Firefox or IE.
  4. It's just your session id and mainly used for people that don't have cookies enabled. You can find them in all kinds of web sites and nothing to really worry about.
  5. yeah I agree and I feel bad about pushing my opinion. I don't want it to come off as attacking anyone elses opinions. I have a lot of respect for 1Emulation and you guys are doing a great job when it comes to the news. Ever since GC and crew stepped up the news posting they have been one of the most up to date news sites around. If I was GameCop I wouldn't let this one thing slow me down and it won't effect 1Emulation especially since GameCop is always willing to fix stuff without problems.
  6. Edited my above post.. don't feel like reposting it down here. (Disclaimer: My views and opinions are not to be taken negetive or out to get anyone or to make 1Emulation look bad. They are just the thoughts and opinions of someone who has been around the block a few times. ) Sorry another edit: I should also point out when I say lifting the news I mean basically posting either word for word or just changing a few words here and there and then just posting it as your own. In this case with plot he copied word for word Kojote's posts (not authors site posts) so I can see where Kojote is
  7. Yeah that would help. (next comments unrelated you James.. just some thoughts about news crediting) I have to wonder why "news crediting" has such a bad stigma to it? Do people actually feel bad when they have to credit another news site? I do wonder why people refuse to do it no matter what sometimes. - - - - - - - - - Credit has always gone to author other wise whats the point of even posting it if you are not even going mention or even link to the authors site? Thats not even an issue. Now you say why would somebody credit a 3rd party for what any joe could do? That’s just it n
  8. First of all we are talking about emulation news sites not some Joe Smo community forum here. There is a big difference and there has been a long standing golden rule about news crediting and news posting etiquette. I honestly wonder if you know what it takes to run a successful emulation news site and whats exactly invlolved. You won't make it very far just collecting info from 1-2-3 sites daily.. unless you are talking about collecting that info from other emulation news sites. You can't honestly tell me you would be able to keep an updated news site by just checking 1-2-3 authors sites a
  9. Heh you make it sound so easy.. especially when there is easily over 400 emulation author sites out there. If you have something like website watcher it does make it easier but just plain checking all the author's sites by just using bookmarks would take some work and some effort ... now just think about this. Lets say you took the time to check the 400+ author sites and collected a nice list of news to post. Give that a few hours work. Then took another hour or so to post all the news you collected... and then go to find out some jackass from another site is just checking your site for ne
  10. Yeah that is what I was saying too. I think GameCop is a little to hard on himself and sometimes lets his strive to be better and his frustration ruin his fun of running 1Emulation.
  11. I personaly feel the best way to grow as a site during this time is through your community. The community is what will make your site grow and expand your popularity. I agree with the above post about expanding the forums to cover more of what the community wants and to make yourself standout from the rest. Right now the emulation news scene is pretty saturated and a lot of people have their favorite sites. Its hard to gain new people to your site with news coverage alone which is why I said the community is the key. I know a lot of sites that rely on news alone and they don't get the amount o
  12. I personally loved it and thought it was better then the previous 2 episodes and linked all the movies finally. Also Palpatine was the best when it comes to bad guys.
  13. Cool looking, would be a little scary in person though.
  14. I noticed the news post is messed up.. it's like you merged the two news post into one.. so it has the mame32 post content but the mame diff release title and poster. Just a heads up.
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