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PSPEmu is issued a cease and desist letter!


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Matt Fazzer has notified us that he has been issued a cease and desist letter and has abandoned his PSPEmu project that was supposed to emulate the Sony PSP on the PC. He got far enough to emulate Lumines, the firmware, and even boot PBB files. We wish Matt well on his future endeavors as this was really another tragedy in the emulation scene.


hello guys, I'm having serious trouble with my

host. I have also received an important email,

threatening court action for the production of

my playstation portable emulator. I therefore,

cannot continue my work with PSPemu I am

very sorry for all the inconvenience this may

have caused the PSP community. I would just

hate to get into serious trouble. Thanks alot to

all the people who were there for me throughout

the project, and thanks to all the people on the

psp-hacks forums for supporting me and

participating in the logo competition.


mattfazzer will be re-opening in October, offering

news,reviews,previews and ISO release lists. I

will also be working on brand new JavaScript apps

on top of various legal homebrew applications. Once

again i am very sorry for the sudden end to this

project...and I also apologize to Sony.


People are welcome to contact me using the following:


MSN Messenger:matt_farrow62@msn.com


Thanks Again


»» http://mattfazzer.bl.am/

»» Projected PSPEmu Feature List

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i honestly don't understand what Sony's deal is. As IJTF_Cinder said he is developing the emu for free, and if the code is infact his legit. then there should be no issue with this. my guess maybe that someone had created a letter to make him think it was sony. again this type of stuff is what puts the Emulation Community in these frustrating situations. i hope to not here the end of this. He should really reconsider or take this as a legal case in court. i know i would.

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I'd say Sony threatened his hosts and they wimped out.


I doubt Matt could afford to go to court over a hobby.


The best thing as Lord_Snow said would be to go completely underground and out of sight.


It's become quite obvious that Sony are just a bunch of assholes.

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They should just threaten whoever making the Fastloader.

THat baby enable anyone to run a PSP ISO on the PSP for free :fish::unsure:

shhhh... sont give them Ideas, fastloader is the only reason I still play my psp. :P


but yeah sony just threw out this letter to scare the auther into stopping development. in court he would prolly win, but it would cost alot to fight in court. its not worth it, maybe he'll quitely release teh source so others can get it finished under the radar.

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