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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Well hello there people :P


Lurked around these forums for awhile now, and apparently a newsposter now, eep.


PCSX2, dolphin, PCSX, PSXeven, GSmax, Satourne, misc other stuff yadda yadda tester, so have my finger on a few pulses and should be able to post upto date and hopefully intereesting news :)


Been a news poster on Emutalk / NGemu / misc places ;), so hope i can lend a hand here to. :)


On a more personal note, I'm a 3D animator / character modeller, and do a fair amount of web design / skin design. Obcessed by music, japanese babes, general pervation, gaming (esp arcade, more on that one day), etc.


So there you have it ;)

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