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  1. PCSX2 0.9.2 a PlayStation 2 emulator, just got a quick upgrade to sort some bugs out, heres whats on the official site: :: Official PCSX2 Site! :: Official Screenshots Thread - Post your shots from PCSX2 0.9.2 here! :: Files Pack - 7zip format, grab 7zip from www.7-zip.org :: Installer Pack - Executable installer, for the lazy types :: Downloads Section - For those of you wanting to use http transfer, rather than torrent.
  2. PCSX2 0.9.2 a PlayStation 2 emulator is here! Here is what the official site had to say: :: Official PCSX2 Site :: Official Screenshots Thread - Post your shots from PCSX2 0.9.2 here! :: Files Pack - 7zip format, grab 7zip from www.7-zip.org :: Installer Pack - Executable installer, for the lazy types!
  3. PCSX2 (A PS2 Emulator) has updated it's news page with the following: Visit the Official PCSX2 site: here
  4. ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.95 is a Graphics plugin for the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2: :: Visit the Official PCSX2 site here :: Download ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.95 here :: Feel free to post shots from ZeroGS KOSMOS here
  5. Posted on PCSX2.net, the official site of PCSX2 a PlayStation 2 emulator:
  6. PCSX2 a PlayStation 2 emulator, is as ever getting constant development, recent WIP has been posted on the official site: :: Video Downloads :: Screenshots Thread
  7. PCSX2 a popular PlayStation 2 emulator has just been updated to version 0.9.1, this release of PCSX2 offers a significant speed increase over the previous version and further adds to it's compatibility. :: Visit the official PCSX2 homesite here :: Download PCSX2 0.9.1 here :: Browse the official PCSX2 forums here
  8. Over at PCSX2.net we hit our 100,000th unique visitor in just 13 days after the new site design was launched, which seemed the perfect time to spring alittle video and some 'tantalising' news about current 'experimental' progress! :: PCSX2 - Official Site :: Torrent - Direct link to Makai Kingdom Video
  9. Various miscellaneous pieces of new posted by myself on PCSX2.net, here is a direct quote: As a bonus check out some shots from Final Fantasy X (the ever popular game!) over here, showing the game running at 20-51 FPS!!! » Visit the official site here
  10. Posted over on PCSX2.net, General Plot has been busy testing and 'playing' Grandia 3, here's what was posted: » Official PCSX2 Site: PCSX2.net » Video Link: Grandia 3 Ingame » Screenshots: 20 Shots
  11. Indeed, when I posted the news I was in abit of a hurry as I had some work to get out on deadline, noticed that sentance could be 'mis-read' pretty easily, so changed it, then where I had posted the news on emu64 / ngemu / 1emu I edited my posts, of course some people would of seen and replied to the old news post. Most games ran at sub 20 FPS, when GSdx records video it simply takes each frame, drops it into the AVI and it gets played back at 'correct' speeds, GSdx does not take into consideration how long the frame was on screen during emulation, if that was teh case you'd be looking at ~1h of footage
  12. To quote myself from PCSX2: Be sure to check it out !! :: PCSX2 Official Site
  13. PCSX2 progresses further with Tekken 4 'playable', here is what General Plot hed to say on the official site: :: Visit the official PCSX2 site.
  14. The PCSX2 team are busy at the moment, not just on Final Fantasy games I assure you, but hey when it's this sexy! This is what was posted over on PCSX2's Official Site: :: Visit the Official PCSX2 Site
  15. Here's what I posted over on PCSX2.net: Visit the PCSX2 site for additional high resolution screenshots! » PCSX2 Official Site
  16. Over at www.pcsx2.net I have posted a video created by Parotaku of PCSX2 running BioHazard 4: » Visit the PCSX2 Homepage: here » Credits to: erm...me!
  17. Well gosh that makes it so worthwhile dragging PCSX2 into the realms of P2P, PS2 game servers and warez kiddiez, how silly of me to ignore the potential of streaming BOR from a server when it'd run faster just by simply downloading it. Yeah, kiddie wants to play "Generic Side Scroller with 3D trippy effect" over FFX or DMC3.....right, yeah they will all make that moral desision.
  18. Time to put an end to this. It's a plugin that uses the CDVD side of PCSX2 to stream a game from a remote server to the emulator, so that it can be played / tested without actually having to have the game. Resource sharing so to speak, however this plugin is pretty darn illegal, it's the equivilent of streaming Star Wars to a public audience and expecting G.Lucas to be happy about it. It's illegal as it initially sends you the games exe, then streams data requested by the program on the fly, but no end user has the right to recieve this data as they do not own it, and the person serving the data does not have the right to publish it. It's not like borrowing a game from a mate, it's like lending it out to several thousand, the last thing PCSX2 needs is P2P adding on. I shall be having strong words with the author of this, though I expect the emu devs will be making some form of comment soon. This plugin is being hyped from the shots of the console doing this 'streaming', not a good start. I am somewhat suprised at gamecop for doing this kind of 'hype', sure the team release shots and news of progress, but a guessing game, oh dear Well that ends the guessing atleast.
  19. Well hello there people Lurked around these forums for awhile now, and apparently a newsposter now, eep. PCSX2, dolphin, PCSX, PSXeven, GSmax, Satourne, misc other stuff yadda yadda tester, so have my finger on a few pulses and should be able to post upto date and hopefully intereesting news Been a news poster on Emutalk / NGemu / misc places , so hope i can lend a hand here to. On a more personal note, I'm a 3D animator / character modeller, and do a fair amount of web design / skin design. Obcessed by music, japanese babes, general pervation, gaming (esp arcade, more on that one day), etc. So there you have it
  20. Stunning idiocy continues at a relentless pace it seems, not only does this attack the very devices we enjoy for our gaming, the very industry that makes frankly brings alot of fun and fond memories to people, this also attacks the very homebrew scene itself, making it loose repute, trust and frankly squashing the enthusiasm potential developers may have. It's also rather sad that such things will mainly damage people of a fairly young age range, I know if I was a kid and my favourite toy was reduced to junk, it wouldn't be a happy experience to put it politely. The 'just because I can' attitude is irresponsible and pathetic, with little consideration for the consequences, it saddens me that dickless spotty pale faced sexless freaks have to do such things to boost their otherwise microscopic egos.
  21. Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, gets as far as car selection and will go ingame, so for the purposes of making a screen saver from the dealership screens, you will have no problems, though in 0.8.1 release you will only get decent shots from using the eeREC CPU mode, thus I hope you have the patience of a saint as it will spin at around 1.x FPS Thankfully in the upcomming 0.9 release, vuREC works fine with GT3 (and 4) thus you can get about 15-22 FPS.
  22. http://www.pcsx2.net/ Need I say more:
  23. Nice though you are a brave man, those downloads on pcsx2.net have done 24.8GiB of transfer in less than 24 hours
  24. Posted some news awhile back on pcsx2. Thought you may like to know
  25. KOFmi will certainly go ingame with the upcomming release of PCSX2, after some extensive testing I found it will run at best 12.4-13.8 FPS ingame, and 30-52.3 FPS in menus. This is based on using: AMD64 3200+ @ 2.2GHz 1024MB DDR400 RAM nVidia GeForce FX5950u GSdx SSE2 / D3D vuREC + eeREC PCSX2 is heavily CPU dependant, GPU makes little difference, eg: AMD64 4000+ nVidia GeForce 6800 GT x 2 (In SLI) 2048MB RAM 15.3-16.22 FPS ingame You want to play this game so bad, I recommend a PS2. Due to PCSX2 being CPU dependant, you can run the game with 8xAA / 8xAF / Full Screen Smoothing at 1600x1200 with little to no impact on speed.
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