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Best memories from 1Emulation.

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I remember Fatal's "Should I do this?" thread and Frost the most.

I remember you having quite a few run-ins with Frost. <_ i wonder if he come back...>


Oh, do you remember than one guy who claime that his friend coded a working CPS-3 emulator? (what was his name, he got banned eventually)

We never found out if Frost was a he or she. He/she/it was very coy about it. Frost was the one that claimed his/her/its friend coded the CPS-3 emulator and was never banned.

Then with whom am I mixing him with...? I remember that the nick was Saleem or something similar.

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All those things happened before I joined here.


I did some searching to read those threads.


cannot find jennyjennyjenny anywhere


Found Frost - now I know where BroomHair came from


Found Big-5 -


Any more memorable moments?

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Most memorable threads for me: Cosplay Thread, Jennyx3 thread, Metal Slug 5 thread, and Frost thread.

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I went searching and found a couple of good ones


6470 - Jenny3s thread

6956, 9205, 9299 - Fatal being... Fatal

7238 - Incredibly funny thread - this one had me laughing

6432 - An incarnation of this thread

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I was a member of emuparadise at the time of the invasion but did not take part. I left there soon after. I think I remember some dude named knightofnachos started that whole thing.

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