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Best memories from 1Emulation.

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Unfortunattely the only memories I can remember are bad. Bah, maybe when I made my rom request thread in A@H. Oh wait, that wasn't here on 1Emulation. :lol:


The problem is right after I started my site, Eugen Popovici deleted all the posts in the forum which overwrited the pre-existing wonderful memories. Hmm, I wonder if he's in Iraq right now considering he was going to be a Lieutenant in Hawaii? I hope he know's I think about him everyday and hope he has a safe return. :)

Sarcasm? Never!


Recently I was looking through early news posts and found this XXL chap, who suddenly vanished (got banned). There was nothing to explain it here, so google led me to a@h, and the awful horrible truth emerged. I'm not surprised that you have nightmares about it! :D

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