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So...what are you working on?

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This place is rather slow so I thought that I'd ask what stuff you're working on, either for school or work? Most of us here are either in school or have a job so go ahead and describe what you're doing in them.


I have to write a lab report on a Centra Dogma experiment we did in Molecular Biology and then I have finals coming up to study for. The good thing this semester is that I only have one final a day so it's less stressful.

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Well, the last 2 days I've been at a LAN party, and now it's time to crack down on schoolwork.


I've got a calculus test tommorow and a sociology test on tuesday to study for. I also have art history and "mythology in literature" papers due before the end of the month (neither of which I've started on).


I'm also working on finding a job, just something part time to do while I'm working through school, that will work with my school hours.


Finally, I'm doing some little self-assigned programming projects for my own personal edification, and to keep my mind fresh in that respect.

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I just did some homework for my law class tomorrow, then I decided to switch to NGE on TV then some more. Now, I'm getting ready for bed.

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