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Life is crazy

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This job takes up so much of my tyme right now, its not even funny. Well I kind of have a girl (she is not my girl friend, we are just seeing each other) we do "stuff". I have also been hooking up with other chicks, like so far is been 5 different girls. Looks like i am back in the thick of things and came out of my depression and self loathing. If Marie (the girl I am seeing) wants a relationship than I will stop being with other girls. Of course she knows nothing of what I am doing away from her. Crazy thing is that like three weeks ago I was with two different girls in the same day, Melissa and Marie, first Melissa than Marie later on that evening, Melissa found out about it. She read a thread i made over at 2emu. Anyways enough of my babble here are some recent pics of me. Hope all is going well for all of you too.

Me and Melissa 1

Me and Melissa 2

Later on that evening.....

Me and Marie 1

Me and Marie 2


So whats going on with you guys and the ladies?

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you pluck your eyebrows don't you? heheh they are just too perfect.

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Don't sweat it Fatal..you're at the point in your life where a lot of guys are sowing their wild oats. By the time you reach your late twenties or so you'll get tired of all the running around and mature enough to settle down with one woman...its just a phase for most. <_<

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Man what the heck are you :) your like some sleep walking pimp dating serial killing type thing. omg its the ultimate weapon <_<


Well i can't say much about your situation since pretty much all the girls i hang and chill with are cool with me hanging out with other chicks. but ofcourse this was about 2 yrs back. heh i have a girl now. so again can't say much about your situation. Yet you know that you have to make the right choices in your life. And don't take advantage of what you have atm. becouse you just might be limited to those options.


here is suggestions if your gonna continue with your chick Pimping rampage. :)

- Setup a dating hotline e.g 1-800 number

- Make a commercial and call your self the ultimate chick pimping weapon.

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