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Unreal Tournament 2006


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2006 isn't the official name yet, but lets just leave it at that for now.. as far we know, we don't even know when the game is finish.


but anyway.. here's some scans:













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i was barely just playing the first one yesterday. and i like it i wonder if this'll be goood

i hope so b/c i like the unreal tuournment games aktho i've only altogether plaed like 2 of them

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It's going to use Unreal Engine 3.0. They skipped 2k5 because they don't want to do what EA has done with sports games and devalue the franchise.


By the time the game comes out most people will have adequate hardware to run it.

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hopefully my interest in FPS comes back by the time this is released. I am kinda burnt out on FPS right now.

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