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Hello all,


Just a minor update really. Changes are taken from the readme...



MAMEdOX v1.1 Changes


Interface improvements/modifications


* B Button toggle's favorite status on/off in ROM List.

* Screenshots code fixed. Now works like MAME32.

* Skin updated with extra buttons.



Changes to Options


* Added option to skip mame warnings (This option skips the 'Game not working' screens in MAMEdOX.)

* Fixed erratic behaviour of neogeo bios option. (The original neogeo bios option code written by bendermike wasn't working properly.)

* Removed Screenshots use parent/clone option due to updated screenshot display code



Driver Updates


* Driver updates for avspa, 19xxa and pzloop2j. Now fully supported.

* Added support and pre driver for kof10th. *NOTE THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY*



Neo-Geo Set Changes



* cthd2k3n

* kof2001/kof2k1nd

* kof2002/kof2k2nd

* matrim

* ms4plus

* mslug4/mslug4nd

* rotd/rotdnd

* samsh5nd

* sengoku3

* kof2003b

* kof2k3up

* kof2k4ex

* samsh5nd

* samsh5sp

* samsho5




* kf2k1pl2

* kf2k1pls

* kof2001b

* kof2k2pa

* kof2k2pls

* matrimbl


Renamed KOF2003 to KOF2003D (proper title for romset)




* help.txt updated.

* vm.txt updated.

* DAT's updated.


Archive contains new DAT's and full sourcecode.


Release has been submitted to xbins for hosting, so it should appear there shortly. :peopleseybrow:

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Hi Ebsy,

can't thankyou enough for this new release,thank god people like yerself are still willing to devote so much of their time and energy to this project.All your work is so appreciated.

Cheers famitsu1 :(

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