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  1. They should both be fine provided you have the decrypted roms to go with: kof2k3nd.zip and samsh5nd.zip. Make sure that your current roms are valid with Romcenter.
  2. Assuming the checksum even matches afterwards, you'll need to split it into 4 128kb segments before applying the patch.
  3. Not to pester, but that that didn't fix it either.
  4. Place your 270-p1.bin in the same dir as this and run the bat: http://consolevision.com/members/burnero/misc/270-p1n.zip It's like a full time job having these things up to date. Edit: This is a patch, obviously. The bank error still exists even with the corrent p1n. :/
  5. Looks very nice, though a blue background might be more fitting. Mind releasing it as psd when you're done?
  6. Ever since the Pro release, I've been using it obsessively. Edit: w00t, all done!
  7. As random as this might sound, is gauntlet still broken?
  8. mslug5nd 268-p1n.bin e6d297af and 268-p2n.bin 84def63e to current would also be appreciated.
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