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No PM no interest so I havent release something I believe kills everything ive seen on xbox :D.


I believe things could be done much better......so I believe everything on xbox homebrew was not reaching its potential so I changed it all. As I once believed MameOX didnt stand up to its potetional so MamedOX was born. Not much of a change but just touched it up...........I did that with everything now complete touchup.

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Do Kinst & Kinst2 work with MAMEoX ? If it's yes, 'R they as slow as Kinst & Kinst2 with U64-X ? How do they work in overclocking ?




In fact, I never tried to launch 'em coz I use U64-X.


Gogo new beta ki_xxx is coming along real nicely, we soon have great ki 2 speed ! <_<



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