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  1. Hi T, ohhhh I see,thanks so much for the prompt reply and info,its greatly appreciated.Thank god for this forum and it's friendly&helpful members,if I tried posting a question like this on the french fbaxxx board I would have been met by a wall of silence,is it just me but that board is really hostile to people who don't already have some grasp of coding ect.Anyway thanks again. Ta famitsu1
  2. Hi, sorry to appear completely ignorant: Basically I keep all my roms in my MameOX folder and just direct all my other emus via their ini folders towards these rom folders.From what I can work out Pro doesn't seem to generate it's own ini file and so will only reconise roms which are psyhically in its own rom folder.Is there a way of directing Pro to reconise roms stored on other emus like MameOX? I have tried making an ini folder and placing it in Pro and actually copying my fbaxxx ini file over to it but with no joy. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers famitsu1
  3. Hi Ebsy, can't thankyou enough for this new release,thank god people like yerself are still willing to devote so much of their time and energy to this project.All your work is so appreciated. Cheers famitsu1
  4. Hi Thraxen, huge thanks for the info and help.Actually tried the right click 'save target as' idea out yestaday with no joy.But on your advice I have just downloaded and installed the download manager app FlashGet and guess what everything works great now,Pro as just been DL'ed successfully on the 1st attempt using this program.Really can't thankyou enough for the advice and for so generously offering to email me Pro. Still rather annoying not to know why this method works and DL'ing via XP/Windows doesn't. Bit late now but I shall give Pro a try tomorrow. Thanks again Ta famitsu1
  5. Hi, wondering if you could help me out,very new to this site. Basically I can't for the life of me completely download the new Pro update(or anything else avalible on Thraxen's site/index).I have tried doing so both from the link at the begining of this thread and directly from Thraxen's site as well with no joy.Basically everytime I start downloading i only get approx 100kb into the download before my pc tells me that the download is complete????(I have tried this approx 30 times now). Could anyone shed any light,any info would be greatly appreciated.Is there an option in my control panel or something I need to check or uncheck?Thing is I have no problems at all downloading from the official FBAxxx site nor from any other places either. Ta famitsu1
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