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Which is why Arrancar arc is much much better than Bontou arc.


Luckily they didn't go te way of Naruto.

that's because the Arrancar arc is back to it's original story at last, the fillers are over. The bounto arc was fillers but they were decent fillers. Unlike Naruto who has been going on with the rediculous horrible spam of bad fillers. But luckily, naruto fillers is coming to an end around Feb according to Weekly Jump so I guess it's true official announcements


I'm happy that the Bleach fillers are over unlike Naruto fillers length by around 10 times longer.


from now on guys, watch Bleach and understand how the story unfolds, this is where Bleach shines the most. Those who read the manga should understand how awsome the second story arc is compare to the first. The first arc is nothing compare to the second arc.



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