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Official: Bleach thread


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Zaraki makes me giggle whenever he smiles :).


Anyways I just watched it myself, I have to ask why something like this wasn't main-cannoned into the series. The was 10 times better then any of the shit going on in the manga at the moment. I haven't seen the fillers post-little princess bitch but I'm certain they're a lot worse than the movie as well.


An anime movie better than a series' arc (especially main not filler), that's a rarity for me.

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I've been catching the show on exclusively on Adult Swim since the beginning. The pacing is so aggravating right now :D


I was following the series up to now, but I have to admit the whole Heuco Mundo arc is a disaster. I had to stop watching a few weeks back, it was just that bad. For now, I've kind of replaced it with Naruto Shippuden.

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STOP DA PRESSES!!! For those who have read the latest chap:


What the heck does Yammy's rank mean!? Does he mean that he's the strongest!?!?

PLz dont tell me that he's stronger than me super coo Stark!?!?!?! WTF is this?!

Oh and last page... Why does those two(Kenpachi and Byakuya) always look so friggin cool/badass when they enter a fight(especially Zaraki)


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A while back, his rank was hidden rank was shown to be 10, but his true rank was 0. Meaning he is the strongest Arrancer in release form. So yea, everything Ichigo fought until now is nothing compared to him, not that it matters, he wins because of PLOT now, and not because of any legit reason :/

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From what i've seen, Yammy Seems more wreckless now than he has ever been. In addition to that, it would appear his appearance has slightly changed within the last chapter, which might hint that he's actually alot more stronger than the top 3 espada.


Also, anyone surprised that tousen is a vizard?


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SUrprised, Im still waiting on Gin!

I hope he doesn't die, i just love his whole carefree attitude.

Man, i gotta admit, I wish i had thought of the whole "call" thing they always do awaken thier sword.

I just get chills when someone makes a call that u never seen before.

Shinji just released his sword but we dont see it but his call is fall...and i cant WAIT NOW!!!!!

Tousen now has this kinda carnage/venom smouth now, until his releases his hollow.


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For latest chap:


SO Aizen is officially the most broken character in anime history. He's bout head-tohead with Naraku from Inuyasha.

I mean really? THe whole time fighting, Ichigo waited til the girl was stabbed? ANd the fact that he somehow attacked them and had us reading his thoughts, and the his says "shit" like "man I'm gonna get hurt".... all to be an illusion!?!?

Bleach just went down a few levels on fav manga list.


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It just started doing that now Shoma?


I fell asleep during the 7 sins, the last highlight for me was the Grimjaw battle, and when I saw that in the anime, it turned me off completely.


Anything after Rukia getting saved appears sudden, as if someone from the company said "Bleach is bringing us money, make it longer".

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