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Official: Bleach thread


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Great new anime series indeed, think of this as helsing + rorouni kenshin, except better !!! anywho, it start out good, and no, we're not talking about the one we use in laundry. So far 16 episodes are due, 17 should be air this coming tuesday.


anywho.. for those that are new to the series, watch it :lol:



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bleach is sweet but i haven't been able to find 151-154 for the manga and the fighting in the anime is so sweet too


EDIT: nvm i just found it it, i'm such a rc noob

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it kinda does, they both have amazing powers and when they fight, they don't think much and use brute force, and they both get a lot stronger later in the story. they also have this will that change the way people think and most of the people they fought turns good

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