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Official: Bleach thread


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<shrug> the filleres arent that bad...they are still better then the Naruto seasons of fillers of standalones. At least these still have a plotline to them...


That is true, the naruto fillers all seem to just recap everything the show is trying to send to the viewer in a much much (and I mean much) crappier way.

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how come the bleach manga takes sooo long before it get scanlated than naruto manga when, as to me, they are equally popular? or is it the site that i go to takes a lil while to post them, if so does anyone one of u know a good place get bleach manga and anime release from?

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I really don't give a rat's ass, since it's not licensed in the EU. But since things work in US schedule over here, I suggest that you don't post torrents or sites that let you download licensed fansubs/manga.


So there.

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