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New Proto Screen shots!

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Thanks to Razoola for the news:

Xacrow has put some NeoGeo proto shots up on his homepage at http://www.geocities.com/xacrow_2001/ but because they are on geocities I have mirrored them....





Bang Bang Busters



Pinball Fantasia Last Odyssey



Tenrin No Syo Chicago



Super Volley '94



Mahou Juku



Shinryu Senki


Looks like emulation had some play in those screenshots..

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Are these playable?


Not really sure at this point but I would say YES to a certain degree. Since the games are prototypes, it is fair to say they are not 100% complete. Then again perhaps they were just not worthy candidates for Arcade distribution/ home cart production.......


which means they could be 100% complete just never released for business reasons, etc.

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