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1Emulation New Year's Triple Eve BASH Radio Show!

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K`dash, GryphonKlaw, N3oGhost and Chanman3 are going to bring you an exclusive 1Emulation Radio Show for this wonderful year we have had and experiences we went through. They'll be reviewing all of 1Emulation's great moments in 2004.



The show is over, the recording is now up for download! :P

»» Download it Now! ««

»» Running Time: 61 Minutes and 25 Seconds ««



.. Enjoy the show! :banghead::)


PS: If you have a microphone for your pc and would like to be a guest

on the NEXT show, and your a member of 1Emulation, please PM me ASAP.

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That was me doing the Steven Hawking voice. And no, I'm not going to buy a mic just yet, I have one and I will make the best of it. I will make you suffer.


Irregardless....we need Stephen Hawking and Mr. Roboto on our New Year's broadcast. The theme for this broadcast should be...


"OMFG the machines are taking the world over!!".

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