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1Emulation New Year's Triple Eve BASH Radio Show!

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Meh..it was okay. It could have been better. The music was subpar. The opening track would have been better at the end. A good way to start it off would be to use that Stepen Hawking bit about 1Emulation as the intro. I told Gryph to use some of it but he didn't! In addition, we need more people to take part. I wouldn't mind getting on....it doesn't take that much guts.


I know you guys were winging it's okay. Just need to better organize the music...topics etc. as well as get more people (with good mics) to take part.

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I'm the one who casted this Late Christmas/Early New Years bash jam crazy ho` down. The opening track was actually compose by Chanman3 in 30 minutes when he and another friend of mine were trying to fix our network.


If anyone wants too, I can ask if I can upload the testing tracks Chanman and my self did before we went on air when we were doing the soundcheck.

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