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What do YOU believe is the purpose of life?


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What do you guys believe the purpose of life is.

Not the generic term, but your actual purpose and goals in life before you die?


I believe the purpose of life is to defy all evil and only see what is not.


In detail...


+ Have a family

+ Teach what you know is right and wrong

+ Donate to charities at least once in your lifetime

+ Never give up on anything your set out to do

+ Never think about death as much, but to live your life and enjoy it

+ Remember that your actions speak louder than words and that everyone around you has feelings inside them

+ Live healthy and be able to decipher what can be at risk of your health

+ Be happy and hope that everyone around you is happy as well

+ Realize that time is of the essence

+ Know who you are

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The meaning of life is 42.


In all seriousness though, someone once said that you haven't lived if you have not loved someone/been loved by someone.


I think life isn't really fun if you haven't had at least one relationship in your lifetime; that's what I believe anyway. Being surrounded by friends and family is the other thing.

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meaning of life is to make the world better so in ur next life , the world would be a better place, but then u just keep making it better and it'll never end,

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Very nice, Skythe ! :P:P:P


But if U drink or smoke to stay emotionnally stable, U won't keep Ur health... So, replace drinks & cigarettes with video games or a cute girlfriend... This 's just a "fake" as recommendation for X-Mas... :afro:

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What is the purpose in life. To live it out duh.


Everyone makes their own purpose wheter u just be a couch potato or something. JUST LIVE THE DAMN LIFE. Opportunities pop up and add on to what u think is ur purpose. So shoo.

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