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What did you play most recently?


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I've gone through a few levels on Splinter Cell. I'm not a huge fan of the previous games but it seems fine to me so far.

I've got 24 hours into Just Cause 2 and am still only about 27% complete. but I'm getting bored with it.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Infinite Space (DS)


MUA2 is alright... gives me something to do as far as being a completionist. Im a Spider Man fan but I dont know if he is my favorite in this game though. Ice Man is pretty decent, and Wolverine is a frantic combo whore... gotta love it. My main complaint is the character models are lacking, some more than others... Thing and Hulk are quite stupid looking, Thing moreso. And you get 1 alternate costume... which usually blows. Also... why is hulk stupid? Hulk hasnt been stupid in over a decade! Oh... and Im sick of the in battle quips and remarks... there are maybe... 4 things before you choose a side that they repeat... over and over. And the PUNS!!! I hate puns, but Ice Man is the worst. He doesnt stop... WTF


Infinite Space is pretty good, considering its not very engaging game play wise. The "tactics" of it are pretty washed out. It could be deeper but whatever. I'll not go into it but the game is fun. I just passed the half way mark I suppose and im really digging it.

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I forget which button it is but Spider-Man's Web Mace attack is his best one. He swings it around him in a 360 then slams it forward. Great AoE.


I personally found Iceman better in the first one. He sucks against robots since they can't be frozen but I think they can be slowed.


Once you unlock Hulk's tackle attack you'll keep him in your party as that's his boss killing move. Only on normal sized bosses though. Tough or big bosses, the move won't be that great. He charges and tackles an opponent down then punches them 3 or 4 times. I was originally using Green Goblin as my boss killer using his Pumpkin Bomb attack but his defenses suck ass. Also, the story in the game is that Mr. Fantastic and I think Iron Man inject/give Hulk Gamma Regulators so that he can be controllable.


My party mostly consisted of Deadpool, Invisible Woman, Hulk and Psylocke.

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