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What did you play most recently?


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yep, it's 1000 times more fun to grapple a speeding car to a road (instant flip) then grind it out in the latest jrpgs. I'm not big on frustration these days. I chalk both FFXIII and RoF up as wasted discs.


why can't may just get here already. Red Dead and SKate 3 are all I need.


played the Splinter Cell Demo. seems like it's gonna be pretty fun

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More Just Cause 2.


I use the Final Fantasy and Resonance of Fate discs to put my beer on. don't want those ugly rings on my coffee table. :P

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Darksiders. Just beat it. I like it. It is indeed a collection of many game elements. Zelda for starters. Then take your pick of any platform slashers... except the matter of grading your combos. They make slashing mindlessly fine... no disadvantages. Finishers like in God of War but simplified. B button when there ready to die. No real QTE, even Inky would approve. Then you have your weapons... they have one slot, and you obtain upgrades ranging from enhanced soul harvesting, increased weapon XP, HP drain, and damage upgrades, etc. The weapons gain XP for every hit and get stronger/extra defense as they level. Then you also have Wrath powers, stone skin, blades that fly out of the ground, body covered in flame (burn enemies), poison. The stone skin is by far the best, it reduces damage taken and given.


My problem with a great many games, Zelda included... Is the lack of depth in combat. Rinse and repeat tactics. Ahh well.


I dont like the running animation, looks silly. They should have used MoCap. Swimming too. I think the dashing is delayed after you perform one because getting away from enemies would be even easier... but still... it would be nice if you can traverse faster... when not able to ride Ruin.


The game has "puzzles" like you would see in Zelda, since they have similar equipment. Nothing remotely challenging, which is a shame. I do like a good puzzle... but when was the last time any of us seen a good puzzle in a game? Far and few between.


During the game, you take ALOT of damage when struck, until you get all the hidden Blood Forge armor pieces. Then you can take a nuclear blast and not sweat it... it seems alittle excessive, but my friend tells me it carries over to the Apocalyptic difficulty... so then I guess it'll work out.


The story itself is alright, but nothing you havent seen, or come to expect. Story is indeed hard to keep fresh. But... This isnt too bad. There are some "holes" as in they could have elaborated on certain things alittle more. Seems more of an oops as opposed to deliberate.


One thing I can say absolutely, is the character development is fantastic! Everyone looks absolutely great. The artists are spectacular.

Example, Sammiel


Link to his early sketch



They set it up for a sequel. The game is generic in alot of ways but I like the elements they combine. I'll gladly play the 2nd.

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